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Friday, March 7, 2014

Why Write a Blog?

Whilst writing this blog I am sat in my apartment in Florentine, an artsy hipster part of Tel Aviv jotting down my ideas and feelings in order to make this post somewhat interesting for you to read. Whilst it is still not certain that I will be making Aliyah and joining the army I feel that writing a blog is a good way for me to collect my thoughts and feelings and share them with friends, family and readers from all around the world. I am of course not the first or last person who is currently going through the ups and downs of making such a life changing decision and I feel that the knowledge and if I dare say it, wisdom, that I might have picked up along my journey to get to this point might be helpful for someone else going through the same as me. One thing which has really helped me get to the point where I am at right now, is speaking to people who have served in the army or moved to Israel, and picking their brains as much as possible. In doing so I hope to be able to come to a final decision and be happy in the knowledge that I am as informed as possible. I hope this blog might be able to help anyone else who is stuck at the same cross roads as I am, and if not … hopefully it will just help me put things in perspective.
Another reason I chose to write this blog is because of other Israel/IDF blogs I have previously read. In my third year at University my good friend of 4 years, Michael Kosky, made the decision to join Garin Tzabar and begin his process of joining the IDF. I was impressed with his courage and his drive to succeed prior to even getting to Israel. He has since drafted into an elite unit of Nachal (an Infantry brigade) and he is a constant source of advice and support in helping me to make my decisions about moving to Israel and joining the army. He is also writing a blog and it can be read at ( Another blog which I thoroughly recommend is Sam Sank’s who has now finished his army service, his blog is incredibly well written and really helped to inform me about the process leading up to drafting into the army all the way through training, serving and finishing his service. His blog can be read at ( Other mentions should go to Sam Auerbach and Joe Lever who are both currently serving in elite units of Tzanchanim (Paratroopers) and have both helped me so much by really taking the time to talk me through my decisions and my future.
I hope my blog can emulate the information both the above two blogs gave to me and help others in any way to make their decision to come to Israel and follow their dreams. As mentioned my decision has not been made yet but I will keep writing until I have one and depending on what I decide I will either continue to write about my army experiences or finish the blog somehow or another. I invite you all to come on this journey with me because actually it’s just as unknown to me as it is to all of you and if any of you who are reading this have already taken the plunge I invite you to comment on here and give some advice that might help me or any others make a decision … all advice, for the army or against it, is welcomed and I will be checking comments regularly.
I have already attended my first Garin Tzabar seminar and more information on that will be on my next post :) 

Goodbye for now :) 

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